• Evaluate Inline LaTeX directly in the Editor

    Evaluate Inline LaTeX directly in the Editor

    Today, I added (basic) evaluation of LaTeX expressions to my inline math Block Editor plugin. It even allows setting variables using the x := … syntax.The value of the variable x can then be used to evaluate other LaTeX expressions occurring later. Take a look at the demo video below:

  • More Block Editor Experiments

    More Block Editor Experiments

    In the past days, I played around with tiptap and BlockNote, creating custom extensions and trying to build a good note-taking experience. In the post Experimenting with Block Editors, I already showcased the LaTeX extension I built.I since improved it by quite a bit and also added collapsible blocks:

  • Experimenting with Block Editors

    Experimenting with Block Editors

    Through building my own note taking app I came into contact with quite a few web-based WYSIWYG editors. Rich text editors are famously exceptionally difficult to build. In particular, there appears to be a noticeable gap in related web standards and a bunch of resulting inter-browser or platform compatibility issues. For investigating potential candidates for…

  • PDF Editor: Bug Fixing and Flattened PDF Export

    PDF Editor: Bug Fixing and Flattened PDF Export

    And as a small bonus: Triangulation functions Images in PDF Annotations Excalidraw supports including images (and potentially other files?) in scenes.When testing this feature in my PDF Editor/Annotator, I ran into a nasty problem:For some reason, loading an embedded scene from an SVG does not correctly handle included files. After a lot of testing and…

  • Implementing more PDF Editor Features

    Implementing more PDF Editor Features

    Today, I implemented many more features for the PDF editor. For example, rotating, re-ordering and duplicating pages are now supported (thanks to pdf-lib!). I also fixed many bugs and built a more robust solution to different devicePixelRatios. I experimented with a few different sample PDF files. Furthermore, I isolated the PDF editor as a standalone…

  • Implementing a PDF Editor based on pdfjs

    Implementing a PDF Editor based on pdfjs

    Today I implemented a PDF Editor based on pdfjs, excalidraw and pdf-lib. In the past, I built multiple different PDF-annotators or editors already. They always had a specific new feature-idea or use-case. As PDFs are so commonly used and the web-based libraries for PDFs are quite mature by now, I thought it would be a…

  • Creating Animation Templates with Motion Canvas

    Creating Animation Templates with Motion Canvas

    Today I had a bit more fun with Motion Canvas. My plan was to create simple “templates” that can be used for different stuff. I experimented around and had some trouble as the magic Motion Canvas is doing in the background got in the way. In particular, I did not manage to write a function…

  • Hello world!

    Hello world!

    Hello! This is the beginning. Today I spent a lot of time working. I formalized algorithm steps and made the whole draft I am currently working on significantly more elegant and “well-defined”. In my breaks, I experimented with Motion Canvas (https://github.com/motion-canvas/motion-canvas) and created a sample video (see below). It’s really cool! I wish I had…


  • Editor


    Here you can try out the block editor mentioned in [Experimenting with Block Editors] with math (LaTeX) support integrated. The Load and Save buttons can be used to save the editor content to local storage. To write math content, you can, for example, simply type $x_1$ and edit the appearing inline math or use the…