Check out the web app version at timetrack.siter.eu.

TimeTrack allows you to easily track how much time you spend on you daily activities. The Time Tracker supports advanced statistics (like a heat map showing how productive you were on per-day basis) and also comes with productivity-boosting extras, like a pomodoro timer, included.

It is available as a normal website, an installable PWA, and a native hybrid mobile app.


Using the app is very simple. Initially you add the activities you want to track, for example Study, House Duties, Workout. With an activity icon, color and tags you can customize it to your liking.

Once you created your first activity, you can simply select it to start tracking: The start time and date will get saved locally, so that even when you close the app, tab or even shut down your device it will remember your actions. If a activity is currently active it is highlighted, and by selecting it again the time span it was active is saved and added to the list below the activities. Of course you can also edit the start and end time to your liking, for example when you forgot select it when starting the activity but remembered later.


The app includes a statistics view, where you can track and explore how much time you spend when on which activities. With the generated heat map, for example, you can see how productive the past days were and celebrate your consistency.

Heatmap showing the last 100 days and duration per day
Heatmap showing the last 100 days and duration per day

Additionally, with a pie chart you can explore what portion of your tracked time you have done what. A bar chart allows for easy comparison of time spend for the different activities. All of these options are also available with custom tag filters. For instance, you can explore the heat map only showing activities related to work or studying.

Pomodoro Timer

To further boost your productivity, the TimeTrack app also includes a full-featured and heavily customizable pomodoro timer. You can set custom durations for your breaks and work sessions and also hide the included progress bar if you find it distracting.

The pomodoro app can record your pomodoro history, and also include the minutes spend too long or short on a session. Thanks to the finish notifications, you will remember to stick to your break and work durations. Additionally, the timetrack feature is also available on the pomodoro view in a smaller section. This enables you a no-distractions productivity session while still allowing you to quickly manage your current activity.