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  • cardflash.net


    Easily create flashcards from PDFs. Highlight content in PDF documents and link your card content back to the exact source in the PDF. Check it out here: cardflash.net This project is the newest version of my various PDF and flashcard experiments. It is by far the most advanced and polished. With full offline support, users can…

  • Flashcard Creation Tool

    Flashcard Creation Tool

    I have many projects related to flashcards, studying and PDFs. In the initial version of the flashcards creation tool, written as an angular PWA whit the nebular UI kit, you can create flashcards based on a PDFs content. This was done by selecting an area, which can then be either inserted as text or an image. If the area should…

  • Random Wheel

    Random Wheel

    Simple progressive web app for random decisions with full offline support. Simply install the web app and have it handy whenever a (random) decision needs to be made! The web app can be used and installed here: wheel.siter.eu. To assist in all possible scenarios, custom colors and weights can be applied to the different options. Options…

  • TimeTrack


    Check out the web app version at timetrack.siter.eu. TimeTrack allows you to easily track how much time you spend on you daily activities. The Time Tracker supports advanced statistics (like a heat map showing how productive you were on per-day basis) and also comes with productivity-boosting extras, like a pomodoro timer, included. It is available as…

  • Current Projects

    Current Projects

    Sneak peek of current projects: Convert tables into charts Embed/Include other notes Todo and Day Planning Studying flashcards from Notes Desktop App with full Offline Support Advanced Math Equation Editing with LaTeX Support and WYSIWYG-style Editor

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