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Easily create flashcards from PDFs. Highlight content in PDF documents and link your card content back to the exact source in the PDF.

Check it out here:

This project is the newest version of my various PDF and flashcard experiments. It is by far the most advanced and polished. With full offline support, users can upload and categorzie PDF documents. From these flashcards can be created and either studied directly on the website or synced with the popular spaced-repetition tool Anki.

The main feature of the project is the two-way-linking between PDF content and flashcards: When you add text or images from a PDF on a card, you can easily navigate this reference in both directions.

This is especially useful, when studying the card: Often, if things are unclear, the context of the card and the related pages in the PDF provide the missing details. With you can easily click on a link (????) and navigate to the exact page and paragraph, where this card content came from.